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Let Our Legal Knowledge Guide You

Smith Hoke, PLLC is a Law Firm Built on Core Principles


Our attorneys spend time representing clients in court, in arbitrations, and before administrative agencies, as well as preparing complex Estate plans and assisting clients in forming a variety of businesses throughout upstate New York. We do not spend our days marketing or promoting ourselves. Instead, we have made our firm successful by doing, not talking. We have a deep understanding of the law and use that knowledge to achieve positive outcomes for our clients.


We appreciate that many of our clients seek us out in the worst of times. Our attorneys recognize that your situation involves real people and is not limited to the cold application of law. We attempt to step into your shoes and look at the problem from your vantage point. It is this different perspective that makes our attorneys more adept at achieving your goals. If a lawyer cannot see what you are trying to accomplish, how can they hope to succeed?


Quality legal services are never inexpensive. However, by leveraging our knowledge and listening to our client’s specific needs, we develop a strategy that is designed to accomplish our client’s goals in the most cost-effective manner at the earliest possible time. Additionally, our firm is different in that we do not charge clients for extensive overhead expenses, nor do we charge for administrative support. These changes significantly reduce our client’s legal costs.


It has been my pleasure to work with Smith Hoke, PLLC for many years.  Wayne and John are bright, knowledgeable, appropriately aggressive attorneys who are committed to helping clients identify and implement effective legal strategies that fit the personality and goals.  If it is important to you to have attorneys with unquestionable values and integrity, look no further than Smith Hoke PLLC.  I would trust all those I care about most to their expert, effective, supportive, and compassionate representation.

Jay H., Albany

I have relied on Wayne Smith to help with legal matters pertaining to my parents, not only has Wayne taken care of their taxes for at least the last ten years, he has also provided sound legal advice. Wayne is quick to call or email me when I have questions or need legal advice. He also knows some of the challenges facing families with elderly parents. I find Wayne easy to talk to and find that he genuinely cares about his clients.

Patty C., Albany

I am so grateful for the legal services of John J. Hoke.  His diligent attention in pursuing my case made an enormous difference.  He was responsive to my questions and was impeccable at keeping me informed about my case.  He was professional and kind during a difficult time.  You’re one of the good ones, and I am truly thankful for what you did for me.

Jill G., Athens

You were the only attorney I ever trusted 100%.  You gave me the facts, told me what I should do and delivered.  We won everything we needed to and at a certain point discussed how winning is not really winning.  Sometimes clients need a friend and someone to have their back. I’m glad I have you.

Jill L., Slingerlands

A professional and reliable team with a wealth of knowledge.  All of my concerns were resolved quickly and efficiently. I appreciated their personalized attention as they walked me step by step through a stressful process.  Hands down the best lawyers I have ever worked with.

Vanessa A., Glenmont

I have worked with attorneys from Smith Hoke several times.  I have found both John Hoke and Wayne Smith extremely thorough and detail oriented.  I highly recommend them for all of your legal needs!

Chris B., Clifton Park
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