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Choosing the right attorney for your appeal is an important decision, as not all attorneys practice in the area of appeals on a regular basis.  Attorneys at Smith Hoke, PLLC have the specialized skills necessary to obtain the best possible results for our appellate clients, including expertise in persuasive writing, proficiency in oral advocacy, and a knowledge of procedural rules that are unique to appellate work.

This practice area is headed by Meredith A. Moriarty, who clerked at the Maine Supreme Judicial Court for the Honorable Donald Alexander.  The Smith Hoke appellate team has successfully argued numerous appeals in both New York State and Federal appellate courts.  We provide appellate representation in both civil and criminal matters.

Due to the unique nature of the complex field of appellate litigation, specific expertise is needed to present a matter for review through an appeal.  Smith Hoke’s experienced appellate attorneys know how to advance their clients’ cause in a way most likely to persuade an appellate court.  Smith Hoke also offers trial attorneys from other firms a fresh perspective on their case.  Appellate counsel can evaluate the record and determine which arguments offer the greatest chance of success.

For more information on our appellate practice, please contact
attorney Meredith A. Moriarty.


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