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Your home is a significant investment, most likely the single largest transaction in your lifetime. It is crucial to protect that investment. Our attorneys are skilled at providing you the necessary information to guide you through buying and selling real estate.  We pride ourselves on being responsive to your questions and concerns.

While many real estate professionals such as real estate agents and mortgage brokers will suggest that you utilize their attorneys, it is a good idea to obtain an independent voice for you that is not only motivated to close the transaction at all costs, but also make sure that every decision is in your best interest.

We understand the depth and the complexities of real estate law. Our attorneys’ willingness to listen will ensure the legal information you receive is tailored for you in your personal situation. This allows you to make the best decision for your family.

Our attorneys have experience handling the following types of transactions and proceedings:

  • Residential Real Estate Purchases and Sales;
  • Commercial Real Estate Purchases and Sales;
  • Purchases of Real Property for Development;
  • Drafting and Reviewing Lease Agreements;
  • Drafting Land Purchase Options Contracts;
  • Preparing Easement and Boundary Line Agreements;
  • Drafting Restrictive Covenants;
  • Resolving Landlord/Tenant Issues;
  • Litigating Eviction Proceedings;
  • Preparing Life Estate Deeds;
  • Resolving Color of Title Issues;
  • Resolving Encroachment Issues;
  • Real Property Tax Assessment Proceedings;
  • Defending Adverse Possession Claims;
  • Defending Eminent Domain Claims;
  • Litigating Partition Actions

Come to SMITH HOKE, PLLC for all your real estate transactions, where you can be certain your concerns will be heard and addressed. Please call (518)489-5600 to make an appointment today if you are in need of immediate consultation. You may also send us an email using our online contact form. Our clients are always our top priority and we are beholden to no one but you.

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