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Smith Hoke PLLC is a full service general practice law firm that is built on core principles. Those principles are strength and honesty. At Smith Hoke PLLC, we honor these fundamental values of the legal profession and avoid a one size fits all approach to practicing law.

Strength and honesty are the companion principles that guide us in assessing and efficiently addressing our client’s needs. Strength means our willingness to tackle challenging legal issues. Honesty means avoiding telling our clients what they want to hear, but instead counseling our clients to provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions to achieve their goals. We develop an individualized plan for each client by listening. It is that ability to listen that sets Smith Hoke PLLC apart.

Long ago we realized that you never really understand a person’s legal issues until you are able to consider things from the client’s point of view. It is our ability to apply these old fashion values to a dynamic fast paced legal environment that not only differentiates Smith Hoke PLLC, it allows us to achieve results.

Finally, we appreciate and recognize that legal expenses can be a significant factor in choosing an attorney. Our philosophy, of avoiding a one size fits all approach to practicing law is supported in our approach to finding creative ways to guide our clients through the legal system by practicing law pragmatically and in a goal-oriented manner. While we have developed a number of areas of practice, we remain committed to the ideal of the practical, well-rounded lawyer, easily accessible to our clients. Please view our Practice Areas for an overview of the scope of services we provide our clients.

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